About Onorati Design

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Onorati Design was established in May 1997 as a small non-profit business providing system administration and network design for organizations in both Seattle Washington and Anchorage Alaska markets. Over the next decade, Onorati Design evolved into a for-profit company specializing in business design arenas such as website and graphic design.

In 2000, Onorati Design sold the technology portfolio to focus solely on design – web, graphic and some industrial design.  It was also in this year that the corporation relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 2008, Onorati Design spun off Onorati Images, it’s photography licensing arm. Since that time, Onorati Images has been re-absorbed into Onorati Design.

In 2012, the continuing evolution of Onorati Design began to encompass mixed media art – graphic design, photography, and metals. Beginning in 2013, the mixed media art arm began to include glass and began to focus on glass – fused art glass – which has been met with great acclaim.